How To get rid of rats

It has been brought to our attention that several long term rooms rentals have been having problems with rats living inside them. We wanted to pass this information on to potential visitors as well as long term costumers . Remember do not use poison as it could kill your pets if they ingest a dead rodent.  To read about more information on How to Get Rid Of Rats For Good  click that link and you will have loads of great information for you to consider on how to proceed.

WE know we have been battling these rats for the better par of a year, but we feel were on the tail end of it, pun intended 🙂


Top 5 places to visit in Arizona


Arizona is a major tourist attraction in America. You will find a range of diverse places to visit. Here are the five best places in Arizona where you must visit.

Grand Canyon

This is one of the biggest attractions in America. This is an incredible landscape that is carved out by the Colorado River. It shows the power of nature and the wonder it can form. In the late afternoon, you can see the canyon walls glowing into different colors. You will be able to see hues of red, orange, yellow, etc. Maximum number of visitors observes the canyon from the South Rim. The North Rim provides a completely different view. For a different experience, you can hike down into the Grand Canyon or take a helicopter flight to have a look over the whole canyon. Imagine what a breathtaking experience it would be!

Monument Valley

It is situated in between the border of Arizona and Utah. This massive Wild West landscape has jagged rock formations, sand dunes, etc. You can go for a self drive tour through the valley or take a guided tour. You will experience some wonderful views while passing the highway.

Hoover Dam

This is one of the great engineering marvels of the world. This huge structure was completed in 1935. It crosses the Colorado River which links Arizona and Nevada. It is 1,244 fee long and 726 feet high. Lake Mead is the largest artificial lake in the US which is held back by the Hoover Dam. The lake is 110 miles long.

Havasu Falls

The Havasu Falls is 100 foot high. The pools at are at the base of Havasu Falls have a bluish green color. When the river flows heavily, it seems that here are actually two falls. In the canyon of Havasu Creek, about 450 Havasupai Indians live a secluded life depending on farming and tourism for living.

Top 3 restaurants in Phoenix


A common feature of all the restaurants in Phoenix is that there is passion for quality ingredients. Here are the top 3 restaurants in Phoenix.

Nobuo at Teeter House

Nobuo at Teeter House

This is an Asian-style teahouse. It opened in 2010 and became very popular in such a short time. The restaurant is famous for the artistic sensibilities of its chef Nobuo Fukuda. You will get typical Japanese dishes here. The plates and bowls on which dishes are served are something to look at. The chef uses seasonal ingredients to make it’s dishes. In the lunch and dinner menus, you will find appetizers, cold dishes and warm dishes. You will find unexpected pairings in all the dishes. There is special menu offered during the weekends.

A Different Pointe of View

A Different Pointe of View

It is one of the finest restaurants at Phoenix. It is situated at the top of a mountain in north central Phoenix. If offers an incredible desert and city views. There are big windows from floor to ceiling giving you stunning views of the nature. Along with the ambiance, the menus are also excellent. There is risotto for starters. Entrees include rich lemon butter poached Maine lobster. If you go there you must try the grilled piquillo pesto-scented shrimp. You will simply love it.

St. Francis

St. Francis

This restaurant is situated at the center of Phoenix restaurant. The restaurant is nicely decorated with modern design. It has one of the most interesting dining rooms in the city. The food is interesting too. You will find exquisite soups, crusty breads, etc. here. The food is prepared using seasonal ingredients. You will get burgers with seasonal salads as well. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served. Burnch is served on weekends. There is a small bar outside where you can spend some relaxed time.

If you go to Phoenix then you must visit these restaurants. The restaurants have very good reputation and you will definitely enjoy the food here.